Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While Waiting For Laundry...

Trying on a new blog skin. Maybe I'll keep it. Maybe I'll just keep it because I'll get too lazy to change it...

I'll be going to Vancouver this Thursday to check out an apartment building in Yaletown. This rates pretty high on my AWESOME-meter. I'm just thoroughly excited to be getting on with things. Even better, I quit both of my minimum-wage jobs! I still have to work there a couple more weeks, but there's definitely an end to them, and frankly, it makes the work more fun and less drudgery. I'm always in favour of less drudgery.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I was feeling spring like, hence the new fancy colours.

Stoopid Hard Drive

I blame the fact that the hard drive died on my brand new computer 3 weeks after I received it for Christmas - and that I sent it away to be repaired and have since been waiting for it to return for the past THREE WEEKS - for my not updating my blog.

In this day when everyone has their own this-and-that communication device, it really throws a wrench in the mix. I can't just lounge by the pc and surf the internet because there's always that feeling like you're being timed. I'm using the father-in-law figure's laptop right now, and only feel able to write because it's 9am and he's at work. This is the computer I often end up using because of the whole "it's free till three" type thing...but I do feel a pang of guilt when the drop down bar's first two links are to perezhilton.com and cocoperez.com (Perez's fashion blog). Oops.

Doesn't that feel odd sometimes, though? That moment when you realize that each member of your family is in a different room, using a different computer? Or, in the same room, each using a different computer, and not talking. Sometimes they're not talking, but cyber chatting? That's a really weird moment. Do you remember having only one computer, and everyone had to share it? It seems crazy now.

Anything else on my horizon? Maybe. I have some very promising news, but I hesitate to talk about it until the deal is sealed. But I'll let you all know when it's ripe!

Things haven't been all that happy for me lately, but with this news, I'm feeling a lot better. I was feeling like my soul was being sucked out by the two minimum-wage paying jobs I'm working, but with the knowledge that things will change has made me so much more happy. There is absolutely no worse feeling than the feelings you get from being unemployed, carless, penniless(in the red, actually, with the credit card and student loan payments), living like a gypsy in two homes (so I never quite feel permanent in anything), and feeling glowered at because you sleep till noon. You'd sleep till noon too if you had nothing else to do for 5 months. And what's worse, I couldn't even incorporate in the things I loved to do (dancing or swimming, or example) because they often involve ca$h-ola - money I didn't have to spend on non vital things. The whole situation was ruining me. What's worse, my fiancee was in exactly the same situation (only with no debt). So we've both been feeling pretty useless.

Today, though, I woke up at 8am...without an alarm. I've done that three days in a row now. That's a really good sign. I have something to look forward to. It's a real good thing, and we both feel like it's our turn to have something go right in our lives. I even dressed up all pretty and we went out for Indian on Valentines. Real nice. mmm.