Friday, April 16, 2010

Life Query

I was cruising the stalker hub otherwise known as Facebook today, and decided to check up on someone I know (sort of. I haven't talked to her in about 2 or three years) who's been working on her film/theatre career.

Enter pang of jealousy.

I spent my first year of university in the theatre program before switching to nursing. Once I was in the nursing program I would tell myself that I was doing the right thing; the practical thing, and that I could do all the theatre I wanted to after I finished school because I'd be financially secure.

Enter real life.

I'm starting to get a real handle on how restrictive my work schedule is. It would be crazy difficult to just decide to try and go to auditions or even be in a community play because it's not like I work days and have evenings off to play with. It would be a real ordeal, especially since I'm supposed to book off 'vacation' time almost a year in advance. So it would be hard to say "well, I plan to be doing 'such and such play' this week" when I wouldn't have gone to an audition or even so much as being cast in anything.

So I'm feeling a little bummed today because I'm finally in the big city, but the big city offerings are still out of reach....and I could walk to a major casting agency from my house....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I DO Exist!

And I'm back in NursingLand!

I suppose that's why my blogging has been so negligent. oops.

Since last post I've moved to the big city into my little apartment and started my first real nursing job. Doesn't look like much on paper, but it's been oodles of work! So, I'll get you all up to speed.

M and I spent the first week in the new apartment sans employment. It took us about that long to putter around and get pretty well everything put away...Although we don't get have a couch, a computer desk (the desktop is currently a "floor top") cable, a chest of drawers, and we only managed to acquire dining chairs last weekend. It still feels a little "in the box," but slowly more like a home.

M miraculously managed to land a job at an engineering firm in the city. It was all "oh hay. Are you in the city? Come and start tomorrow at 9am. Bye" on the phone. So he actually started work a week before me, when we had moved for MY job and he wasn't expected to work for another few months... So, we're now a two income household. Maybe we can afford our little apartment and it's BIG rent.

Easter weekend, M and I and our group of friends shared a great housewarming dinner. T came down from kamloops which was a real treat! (despite the visit being short. boo.) I feel like I've been able to get grounded into this new living arrangement really well because M's old UBC roommates all live in the same building as us, which is the primary reason why we moved in in the first place. So I feel like there's a ready-built community for me here. And coincidentally, the apartment we liked best in the building is the one directly next door to one of the friends, so if ever I need someone to hang out with or borrow a cup of sugar, there's a friend nearby. Pretty nice.

I started work at the Children's Hospital last week. It's another case of instant community because it's the same ward where I did my final practicum last year. Of course I still have to get past all the "where do we keep things again?" phase and I have to really remind myself about a lot of nursing material that's faded from memory, but the staff are really helpful, the psychiatrists are really approachable, and the unit is fairly relaxed (not quite as hurried as a medical ward might be). I work 12 hour shifts which means that I don't/can't do anything else but work on those days (on a 7-7shift, I'll get up at 530am, work and then get home by 730pm, and go to bed at 9-930pm-ish)

But I have been able to find plenty of things to do on my days off- like grow things!

Like Lettuce!
And Basil!
And Lavendar!

Bonus!Here's the view from my living room. I'm on the 3rd floor, so it's nice to have a view of trees instead of other buildings...
here's what my apartment USED to look like, before we put everything away!