Monday, November 28, 2011

For all of November

November came and went, and I wasn't too keen on blogging. Just had other things to do! But here's what I was doing when I wasn't blogging:

The 99th Greay Cup Championship
Grey Cup Party! Here's Lion Man!

Some people weren't keen on the choice of Half-Time show

Pretty sure these guys were at every game.
 Mike and I didn't have tickets, but the "Street Fest" was literally only one block away so I went to go and check out all the fans (dressed in all the orange I owned, of course!)

I also attended tea with a few friends. Apparently  this afternoon of tea and discourse also included a bottle of Whisky...
leftover cheesecake from his 25th Birthday Party, mug of tea, and a glass of whisky.
 My family also came for a visit! Mom came with me to the huge Circlecraft Craft Fair, and I treated her to tea at the Fairmont (since usually I have to go alone!)
Tea at the Castle - Refined, as usual
 I also got a haircut! Actually, all I did was go back to the salon to have my bangs trimmed. I love them, a lot! Funniest, though, is that there's a few people convinved that I had my hair coloured when they were trying to figure out "what did you do to your hair? It looks different" It's the same colour - I was there!

And that's pretty much all of November! Part of November was spent choosing what I'd do with my 2012 vacation days, and so Mike and I are planning a wintry trip in February to Quebec City for Carnivale! Bring it, Bonhomme!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Día de los Muertos!

Today is the Day of the Dead!

Of course, it's celebreated more widely in Mexico but I love the colours and the art and the flowers! This year, I even carved my jack-o-lantern in the "Day of the Dead" style!

Pumpkins by Me, Cam, and Mike (L to R)

Better lighting on my day of the dead pumpkin! Boo!

Happy Hallowe'en!

 This Hallowe'en was a doozy! Unfortunately, I had to be at work on Saturday night whilst everyone else was partying it up, but I made up for it with a trip to The Waldorf Hotel. It was a pretty sweet party, and since it was Monday, all the music was oh so very retro! (Mondays, their theme is "Ice Cream Social"). The Waldorf had 4 rooms for dancing in (the Tiki Bar, the Day of the Dead room, the Dark room...and another one), plus the "Haunted Hotel Rooms," and a midway outdoors, complete with drop of doom, and "Erotic Holographic Theatre" - though I'll add that Mike wasn't too please with the EHR because it wasn't a "real" holograph....

So we danced the night away!

In case you didn't catch the reference, I went out dressed as Lady Gaga from her video "Born This Way" Happy Hallowe'en!
Watch the whole video if you like, or skip to 4:10 for where she appears in her skullface costume. The model she's with doesn't have makeup's all a tattoo!
Ma Costume! Suit was easy, but the makeup took 1.5 hrs!
Close-up. A Surprising number of people recognized who I was...though I suspect none of them were straight. Plus, I was approached by a man in a beard and robe who called "Hey, Gaga! Jesus is  the new black!"

LMFAO, Ryan Gosling (from Drive), King Triton, and Inigo Montoya
King Triton goes all out at Hallowe'en. I would have been freezing!