Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quebec in Snippet Videos! 2!

Galldangitt!, but these videos are a pain to upload today. Here, in Quebec, we partied up at the ice palace! Dubstep castle - whatWhaT!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quebec in Snippet Videos!

I was trying to upload videos to the last post, but they've been driving me insane so I decided to give them their own post completely.

Here's Michael (on the right side of the closest post) playing a life-sized version of fooseball!

Later, we went down the ice-slide chute on one of these:

In the background, you can see the st. Laurence river on the right, and the Chateau Frontenac on the Left.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Picture Post! : Central Canada Trip - Quebec

Hi Friends! It's been a terrible long time since I've posted, and I've got a doozy of a post for you! Michael and I went on a wintry trip to Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa this month and have plenty of photos to show for it. I'll start with Québec...

In one of the many Ice Thrones
...and one of the many times we tasted poutine!
View from the top of the ice slide overlooking the St. Laurence and the Chateau Frontenac
Me, a la "passed out on an ice sofa"
Ice Palace at the Plains of Abraham and Carnavale du Québec!
Michael meets (statue of) Bonhomme!
Top of the snow rafting chute!
We toured Quebec Parliament
..and the Citadel! Apparently  they don't expect to be using the tanks.
Museum in the citadel had little models of famous Québec battles
....and knitting (yes!)
...and the regimental goat (of the Van Doo's)
Tried to go skating with Bonhomme, but he kept passing me.
And I was sad.
But got to meet the King of the Carnival after all!
We visited the Hotel du Glace!
aaaaand took a nap in the "Presidential Suite"
Mike too.
Each room had wall carvings. Do you like our addition?
How about Michael as Inuit? So mysterious....
a fine example of a wall carving
and an ice slide! (so many slides!)
We hit up the ice bar, too. a "Nordique," served in a glass made from ice. They'd put it in a ziplock back if you wanted to take it home!
Back at the Carnavale grounds, the "Night Club Drummer" laid down beats in the dome

one of the many snow sculptures!
Just outside our hostel in Old Québec! Nearly like many places in Europe!
Take that! Vancouver winter - sunshine AND snow...snow enough to bury the bench!
Joyeux Carnavale!
With the deep snow, it wasn't difficult to hop over the fence...
My usual daily attire. No joke. I had cold eyeballs, too, damnitt.