Friday, April 16, 2010

Life Query

I was cruising the stalker hub otherwise known as Facebook today, and decided to check up on someone I know (sort of. I haven't talked to her in about 2 or three years) who's been working on her film/theatre career.

Enter pang of jealousy.

I spent my first year of university in the theatre program before switching to nursing. Once I was in the nursing program I would tell myself that I was doing the right thing; the practical thing, and that I could do all the theatre I wanted to after I finished school because I'd be financially secure.

Enter real life.

I'm starting to get a real handle on how restrictive my work schedule is. It would be crazy difficult to just decide to try and go to auditions or even be in a community play because it's not like I work days and have evenings off to play with. It would be a real ordeal, especially since I'm supposed to book off 'vacation' time almost a year in advance. So it would be hard to say "well, I plan to be doing 'such and such play' this week" when I wouldn't have gone to an audition or even so much as being cast in anything.

So I'm feeling a little bummed today because I'm finally in the big city, but the big city offerings are still out of reach....and I could walk to a major casting agency from my house....

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