Monday, June 6, 2011

Is it weird?

me and lady gaga in the 'Telephone' video...maybe?
Is it weird that I just woke up and I had a dream about being one of Lady Gaga's back-up dancers, and because I could get down an' dirty real good, we became close friends, and I hung out with her and her family and called her by her first name (Stefani), and sun-tanned out on her lawn outside of her giant spaceship and helped a little boy next door throw his paper-airplane love notes towards her? And sometimes we hung out in her bedroom, but she was the Jonas brothers' younger sister, and she used their old bedroom (I could tell because of "a plaque on the wall that appears in an old photo of the Jonas brothers). Also, I lent Stefani a tampon.

I think at some point there was a crisis, though, and the spaceship had to take off, but it landed on a bunch of people in t he process.

Is that weird? Interpret...

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