Saturday, May 12, 2012

The April Up-And-Up

My Apologies! April was a busy month! Here are the highlights:

Ok, My birthday wasn't in April, but it was this week. I had a wonderful, low key birthday where I met a friend for lunch (and cupcakes), had supper and a show with my honey-bunch (Rock of Ages after dinner at Hawksworth), ate cake and received a number of wonderful gifts (cosmic/Karmic or otherwise!) I realize I'm not thrilled to be getting older, but at least I'm doing it in style!

The above two pictures didn't even happen in April, either. That was March. I discovered an unwrapped jolly rancher inside the package (weird!), and our wonderful "upstairs neighbours" moved away so we spent a day cleaning up their empty apartment. I just loved seeing four shirtless dudes working!

This is a Maple Bacon donut from Cartems Donuterie near downtown Vancouver. They're a bit pricey, and you have to visit the Downtown Eastside to get them, but they are absolutely worth it.
I went to a canning class at Save-On-Meats. I loved the class because I:
a) didn't have to do any of the prep work or clean up
b) came home with 4 jars, each filled with something different, rather than 12 jars of the same thing if I'd canned at home....
c) didn't have to do any of the prep work or clean up.

I now have a jar of preserved lemon (and no idea what to do with it), strawberry-rhubarb jam, pickled beets (pictured above) with carrots and onions, and a fruit sauce (with apricots, dried cherries and cran!)
Michael left me a cheery plated dinner one evening when I came home late and he was out playing sports. At first I loved that he made it - and then I realized it was "whopper Wednesday"...

I went to a baby shower for a friend a few weeks ago, too! It was a fun fete, and well organized and attended. A highlight was (besides who is almost certainly the cheeriest, happiest mother-to-be I've ever met) the pro photog and the option to take mustached photos with friends!

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  1. I am always amused when I see topless photos of myself creep up on your blog. It seems to happen with some frequency.