Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Lizzy's Diamond Jubilee

After weeks of scanning the interwebs for local festivities to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and finding nothing (shocking, truly!), I decided that I needed to make my own fun. I took a friend (and she brought another friend - a mutual acquaintace, who happened also to be British), and we went for tea at a new shop on South Granville Street.

I made sure to dress for the occasion (why not!?), and the outfit included a pretty cream dress with lace overlay, blue tights and my blue suede bootlets, my hair did in a bun so high Big Ben has to look up to see it, plus, of course my pearls. Also, I did this:
Union Jack nail laquer! It took me - easily - an hour to complete, but I love it! Aside from having to also be dexterous enough to do it with my left hand, the toughest part was doing the little red lines. I resorted to the use of the pointy end of a wooden bbq skewer, but I loved the result! Also, someone else very close to HRH was sporting the very same manicure, which makes me all the more happy!

Meanwhile, at the tea shop....
 I really quite liked the teapots with the Georgian-era golden cameo's, though the service itself was an odd mix of modern and traditional teatime styling. My teacup, for example, was delicate double-walled clear glass. If you look closely, you can see that Sheryl brought along a caricature of Liz, since the real one was otherwise occupied in some sort of fancy floatilla along the Thames river. I suppose it was more important...

But anyway, the most wonderful bit was that this particular figurine featured a solar panel on her handbag ("the handbag is the source of all her power!"), which powered her daintily waving white-gloved right hand. Turrah!
 It was a very well spent afternoon! Many thanks to the two women who shared in a few hours of English fantasy!

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