Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day In(side)...

What? No mailing addresses pouring in? Such a shame. But I've got three with stamps on them going out today.

And that will probably be the most I go outside today. I'm supposed to be writing these "annotated bibliographies" for class that are due at the end of the month. There's only 5 of them, and they're only a page and a 1/2 long, but I'm so disinterested in doing them that Ive been at 'home' here doing them for the last 5 hours. Sort of. I took a movie break a while ago. And they're so EASY. Yeesh. I'll be glad when they're done. I had decided that I'd to 2 this week (done for today, yes!) and 2 next week, and one the week after, leaving me with a full week before they're due. I just want to put as little work in as possible.

I've been trying to make use of the gym/pool card I got a while ago. Yesterday was swimming. Today is gymming. but now it's 5, and I'm pretty sure that the cardio equip is going to be in use....blarg. I was thinking I might go for a run, or do the stairs at Wreck Beach. Did I mention there were 440 of them? That's 880 stairs if you come back up. It's great for the back of your thighs, I'll tell ya!

Tomorrow, my brother turns 19. I've given my mom orders to buy him a "muff diver" at Kelly O's when they take him out. I'm pretty sure she has no idea what that means. I just hope they take a picture. bwahahaha.


  1. I'm a creep and found your blog, hope you don't mind!
    I walked those stairs at Wreck beach a few years ago, and I have not forgotten. I thought my legs were going to fall off.

  2. YOU NEED TO POST SOMETHING!! ps did mike check the mail?