Sunday, April 12, 2009

As Mike Would Put It....

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

Today started at 430 am. It's family tradition to go to our parish's Easter Sunday Sunrise Service. That involves putting on winter-wear and going to the beach on the North Shore to stand around a fire. Mike says it's cult-like, I say pish-posh.

But that's because we go to Denny's for breakfast.

Sort of. Actually, I kind of like it. Some years it's really nice and you get the whole sunrise on the beach thing for the "rebirth of Christ," but this year was not that year. This year was cold. And cloudy. (of course, I know better, and I wore the winter coat, knit toque mittens and underwear. My brother, who I'm thinking may have done it just to make us feel bad for him because he was acting like an angry pansy for being up early, wore a t-shirt and hooded zippy sweater and froze.)

Then, I came home and slept. These days are always weird and trip me up. It's also my mother's birthday. You see, after you come home at 830 am, you go back to bed for a nap. I woke up at 1pm. I started thinking "Oh no, I didn't get to give mom her birthday present yesterday." Then I realize that it wasn't yesterday. It was today. Many, many hours ago. It's like having a mini day in the middle of two other days. I think I got 8 days this week. Weird.

But the french toast this morning was good.

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