Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Season Begins

I don't think I was in it until this week.

Maybe it was because I didn't realize I had cabin fever this week and I needed something to break the funk. I don't currently have a job, or a car, or any real money, so my life lately has been made up of knitting and watching tv and seeing friends for coffee. (The friends are good, but the venure needs to change, I's just more sitting). People who are normally very busy and have active lives get tense and a little nutty when they are made to sit still for too long, and after some confrontation, I realized that I needed something better to do with my time. Being that I'm broke during the Holiday Season, I decided it was time I put my efforts towards creating something great for my friends and family for Christmas. But how? Needs to be cheap. Needs to be cool or beautiful or meaningful or useful - something that won't get tossed January 6th. Needs to be within my talent range. Needs to be creative (nothing bugs me more than when people "craft" - they buy all the pre-made supplies at the store and assemble a craft, rather than CRAFT a craft. Like the scrapbooking industry...but I'll not get into that). So I've at least got something to keep my brain busy. Good.

In addition, I've been looking for places to volunteer. If I can't work, I can at least spend the time doing something productive. At this time of year, most volunteering comes hand in hand with Christmassy events. Like Operation Red Nose.

Basically, I'm getting into Christmas. That means I'm not as lame right now. And I feel busy, and productive and useful. I feel like I have things to do. People give you the stink eye when you sleep in until 11 (or 1130....or 12... even though by that time you've had 12 hours of sleep) every day, but upon reflection, you realize that it's not because you're lazy, it's because your body says "Well, what the hell else were you going to do? Watch tv and knit? oooo. Sleep, idiot." Not that I care about the stink eye, but sleeping like that really isn't healthy.

So, I toom Martha Stewarts 2009 Encyclopedia of crafts out of the library (GRR, EVERY Christmas craft book was on loan.). I have volunteered for a couple of organizations. I have made plans.

Now it's time to get out of my jammies.

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