Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm just waiting.

I did my BC Children's Hospital interview some time ago, sent them my references, and now I'm waiting to hear something (anything) back from them. This whole process has taken so much longer than I had originally expected, but it's this last bit that has me concerned. I started in on this in October, spoke with a recruiter in early November, did the interview late November, and now it's December. I suppose I didn't mind so much that all that other stuff took so long because I knew at least things were moving forward. But now I'm at the end of the process, and each day I wait I start to have more and more doubts. Will they call me? Would I have had the job in the bag if I'd done a better interview (even though I've already worked on that unit before!)? Did one of my references not give me a good reference?

Of course, once you get onto that train, you start to have lots of crazy thoughts. What if I don't get this job? I won't have worked as a nurse since May. What if nobody hires me because of this? I won't have enough RN hours to renew my nursing membership! What if I'm just not cut out for this? What if this is all a sign and I should just do something different?

Not really healthy. But one gets antsy after sitting around for months - literally- without any firm prospects or guarantees of work. Knowing (through the magic of social network sites) that all of your peers are working and being successful doesn't help either. Just makes you feel less competent.

And at least my significant other has an excuse. With the economic downturn, there just aren't as many jobs for engineers. Companies aren't hiring because there isn't money for new projects. So he knows it could be a while before he's gainfully employed.

What's my excuse? There isn't one.

but if I don't hear anything from BCCH by the end of this week, I'm going to make a call. I'd at least like to know if they've struck me off the list, or if they're just getting their ducks in a row before they hire me.

So, I'll wait.

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  1. Waiting sucks. Hope you hear some good news soon!