Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I learned today that you may only bicycle around the seawall of Stanley Park counter clockwise. Try to go clockwise, and you're headed for trouble. I just wish that there were better route markers for that.

I'd come about 1/5 around the park when I realized that I was going the wrong way along a one-way path...but the "wrong way" signs didn't help me much. I found a park worked who gave me some instructions, but after about 10 minutes, they weren't very helpful anymore. I attempted to bike along the road, but soon discovered that tha road was one-way too...what the hell? How am I supposed to get around this stinkin' island?

Eventually, I decided just to cycle carefully on the bike path going the wrong way. I didn't go very fast, and I gave the oncoming traffic plenty of space. Most people were ok. And then I had this one jerk who gave me the in-person counterpart to cyber-bullying (you's easier to say something mean when there's no chance you'll have to see them face-to-face). As this dude sped past me, he called "wrong way, stupid!" Jerk. Of course I get that I'm not abiding by the rules of the path, and of course he didn't know that I'd already asked for assistance, but it felt really sucky - and I couldn't say anything to him, because he was long gone in the other direction - and I certainly don't have people calling me stupid - seriously - to my face very often.

It makes me wonder how kids feel when they're bullied like that all the time. Kids like the ones I see at work. It stings. ouch.

So cyclists - bike only counter-clockwise.

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