Saturday, January 22, 2011

While Others Play

While others play, I play too...

M and his friends had planned a ski day at Cypress Mountain today. While I would definitely have liked to go, too, I had to stay back in order to give me time to sleep before a night shift tonight.

At first I was a little bummed. I watered my plants and stared out the window trying hard to come up with something fun to do. too hard I thought. I don't need anything from Granville Island. I shouldn't go shopping. I already biked to Stanley park this week.

Tv was my first option, though for some reason The Real Housewives of Orange County/Atlanta/NYC didn't capture me as it usually does.

Screw it. I'm going for a walk. And so I got dressed up - though I didn't get dressed up in the usual sense. I donned black doc marten-style shoes, jeans with the bottoms rolled up a bit, checkered shirt, green sweater from Ireland, par-combed hair daintilly pulled by with two flowered bobby pins, and the little new leather-esque purse I bought last week. Chez 1996. I imagined Blossom wearing almost the same thing. It was definitely an out-dated look, but I felt pretty cute in it.

As I walked around downtown, wondering what others thought of my look. Usually I'm dressed pretty preppy, so this almost-hipster look was different for me...I liked how it affected the way I walked, and the mood it put me in. It's funny how fashion can affect your mindset - like putting on costumes. I wonder if you made an emo-kid wear banana republic for a week that they would change their thinking patterns.

I had a good time walking around, and I was sad to have to return to the apartment at 2 to come and nap (which I haven't started doing yet). Maybe I'll do it again sometime...who should I dress up as next?

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