Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night Moves

I'm on nights it a surprise, then, that I'm blogging.

I think I should let you know, dear readers, why it is that sometimes I go through spurts where I blog and I blog and blog, and why sometimes the entries are bone-dry. It certainly isn't as if I haven't had thoughts, or things to write about. No, things continue to happen. But sometimes I find I'll stop blogging for a while, and start writing in my journal more. The writing still happens, just in a different place. Really, the location is all about the content. While blogging is a great way to spread news or photographs or delighful musings, it isn't exactly the place to turn to when the things you think aren't flattering. Fodder for gossip, I'm sure.

Writing is rather cathartic for me, I know. Lately I haven't been in a 'place' where I felt that there were many people to talk to when I've had heavy things on my mind, and it definitely helps to have a place to let it all out. But the blog isn't exactly the safest place to air your dirty laundry!

Also, I've been thinking about the impact of blogging on my thinking processes. The other day I was on the bus to work, and I started thinking about how I was feeling in terms of Blog titles. For those more technologically inclined, they'd look similar to a tweet or a more frequent facebook status update. Is that weird? Summing up an entire way of being into three or four words? Of course I forget what it was that I was thinking soonafter, but I do it with some frequency and I'm a tad worried.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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