Monday, April 4, 2011

Buffy who?

The Neo-Buffy phase continues. After completing my first full week of Tommy Europe's healthy living overhaul called "the 10-lb shred," I earned a new comic book. Delicious. And I ordered the first issue of the Angel comic book. Maybe it'll come in by the end of this week! M also was very kind (I assume after reading my blog) and downloaded every season of Buffy for me, which I can stream to our tv and watch on my days off while M's at work. But apparently watching Buffy makes me old. ugh.

Saturday at work, I was asked to participate in the filming of a video which will eventually be given to parents and kids before they're admitted (to give them a preview of what to expect). I didn't have to do much, and whatever I said was going to be dubbed over with a narrator or music or something. So at one point, I'm suppoed to be standing in the background of a shot, chatting it up with some teenagers. We just chatted, and after they told me about their plans to grow up and marry Justin Bieber, I mentioned my affection for David Boreanaz. crickets chirping. who? Angel from Buffy? "Oh. yeah, I know that show. My mom makes me watch it with her sometimes. But it's soo boring," one of the kids say. AUGH! For real?

Well, I'd got back at them for that pre-emtively when I said implied I thought they were actual psych patients on the unit (I hadn't worked there for a while and it was totally by accident), when in fact they were paid actors. woops.
David Boreanaz. Way hotter than...

Justin Bieber.

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