Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Update

It's only about  half way through May, but I feel the need to write an update post just because there's been so much going on!

So I celebrated my first "adult"  milestone birthday on the 9th - my 25th. I'm now a quarter-century old. I spent the day (a Monday) doing only the things I wanted to do. Started the day with an early yoga class. Turns out the class was free because it was my special day - Surprise! After limbering up, I went home to shower and get dressed for a day full of walking around downtown and shopping. I bought a few wonderful birthday presents and then went for tea at a small tea house called the Urban Tea Merchant on Georgia st. Excellent tea sammies and even a French macaroon. Yum!

By dinner time I was quite tired from walking all afternoon, and I was quite happy to discover that Mike had baked me a birthday cake from scratch!
made from scratch - except for the cherry pie filling!
The cake was delicious, and pared well with the pizza-pie we ate for supper. Delish!

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