Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Update

I haven't blogged in some time now, and I'll admit I'm only doing it because I'm procrastinating the thousand other things I really should be working on. The last few weeks have been filled with chores and work and planning and activities!

This week, I'm practicing my "nurse-in-charge" skills by covering a co-worker's vacation time. It's a challenge, but the bonus is that her rotation includes a number of 8 hour shifts that don't start unbtil 130 or 2 in the afternoon so I have some additional time to get projects worked on...like that dress I should be tailoring/seaming/buttoning/crinolining/lining/gathering/hemming.....or that I'd told myself I was going to go for a run somewhere this morning (perhaps I'll just pop down to the gym downstairs), or do the laundry. Instead, I've played some guitar (wedding related), fed and de-aphid-ed the plants, listened to the radio, and checked all of the wedding blogs I have book-marked. I don't even think we've been to the grocery store in weeks...we're just living off of the stuff in the freezer....

But otherwise, I really have been busy. As of today, there are 32.5 days until the wedding. We haven't received any of our rsvp cards yet (but I'll chalk that up to the mail strike - still not helpful), and there are a dozen DIY projects left to be completed - tissue-paper pompoms, seating cards, wine-charm name-tags, pies, flowers, pictures, guestbook, photo-booth.....And then lets not forget that there's a fantastic honeymoon trip scheduled for 35 days from now which I haven't done anything to prepare for yet except get my travel shots. No packing. No lists. No prep. augh.

I've also spent the last week in a theatre haven. Tuesday and Friday I put in some volunteer time at the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare festival. I was a concession lady once, and an usher the other. Ushering is amuch more relaxing job, mostly because you only work for 30-40 mins (before the show and at intermission) and for the rest of it you just sit in the theatre and watch the show! Plus, you get credited for the full time! I also received an invitation to attend the dress rehearsals for Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park as a "thank-you" from the Stanly Park Ecology Society for having volunteered for their urban camping program. Saw Bye Bye Birdie and Anything Goes! on Wednesday and Thursday. All fun shows. Good times had by all. Saturday I was lucky enough to win tickets to ride the Empress 2816 Steam Engine from waterfront station in Vancouver to Port Moody. (Though, the engine was under repairs and in Calgary, so a vintage diesel engine pulled us...boo). I'd won four tickets, but seeing as Mike was away in Whistler for his Stag party, I brought along a friend and his young family to enjoy the ride.

Then Sunday a friend welcomed a new baby to her new family! I spent the weekend baking lasagnes and cookies and good things to freeze for the new mom and dad. I felt pretty lucky that the new baby was born at BC Women's hospital, because I was able to visit them on my way to work yesterday. I agreed with mom they "make good baby" - cute as a button!

But now it's Tuesday. I work until Thursday, and have a jam-packed weekend. I bought tickets to the Fold Festival and plan to use them. The dress is supposed to be Finished by Saturday, but I'll have to clock some serious hours on the sewing machine to do it. If I work straight through, I might maybe be able to get it done in 10 more hours. I think I need more thread.

The good news is that waaaaay back I had hoped to go on a canoe trip the last weekend of July, so I vowed not to plan a single thing for those 6 days off. Since nobody had the time to actually plan it, it's likely not going to happen (I had hoped to get away from the city and the email and the phone and the chaos just for a little bit before the wedding), but it does mean that I actually have 6 days in which I can do absolutely anything I want - including hunker down and sew. Plus my parents have tossed around the idea of vistiting which would be a bonus (my mom would be an thouroughky helpful crafter). So, while there's chaos and crunch time, there's also a week of wiggle room. Relax room. Perhaps a week of yoga-classes room.

But for now, I've exhausted the blog-post topic, and I must get back to the tasks at hand.

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