Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

 This Hallowe'en was a doozy! Unfortunately, I had to be at work on Saturday night whilst everyone else was partying it up, but I made up for it with a trip to The Waldorf Hotel. It was a pretty sweet party, and since it was Monday, all the music was oh so very retro! (Mondays, their theme is "Ice Cream Social"). The Waldorf had 4 rooms for dancing in (the Tiki Bar, the Day of the Dead room, the Dark room...and another one), plus the "Haunted Hotel Rooms," and a midway outdoors, complete with drop of doom, and "Erotic Holographic Theatre" - though I'll add that Mike wasn't too please with the EHR because it wasn't a "real" holograph....

So we danced the night away!

In case you didn't catch the reference, I went out dressed as Lady Gaga from her video "Born This Way" Happy Hallowe'en!
Watch the whole video if you like, or skip to 4:10 for where she appears in her skullface costume. The model she's with doesn't have makeup on...it's all a tattoo!
Ma Costume! Suit was easy, but the makeup took 1.5 hrs!
Close-up. A Surprising number of people recognized who I was...though I suspect none of them were straight. Plus, I was approached by a man in a beard and robe who called "Hey, Gaga! Jesus is  the new black!"

LMFAO, Ryan Gosling (from Drive), King Triton, and Inigo Montoya
King Triton goes all out at Hallowe'en. I would have been freezing!

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