Monday, November 28, 2011

For all of November

November came and went, and I wasn't too keen on blogging. Just had other things to do! But here's what I was doing when I wasn't blogging:

The 99th Greay Cup Championship
Grey Cup Party! Here's Lion Man!

Some people weren't keen on the choice of Half-Time show

Pretty sure these guys were at every game.
 Mike and I didn't have tickets, but the "Street Fest" was literally only one block away so I went to go and check out all the fans (dressed in all the orange I owned, of course!)

I also attended tea with a few friends. Apparently  this afternoon of tea and discourse also included a bottle of Whisky...
leftover cheesecake from his 25th Birthday Party, mug of tea, and a glass of whisky.
 My family also came for a visit! Mom came with me to the huge Circlecraft Craft Fair, and I treated her to tea at the Fairmont (since usually I have to go alone!)
Tea at the Castle - Refined, as usual
 I also got a haircut! Actually, all I did was go back to the salon to have my bangs trimmed. I love them, a lot! Funniest, though, is that there's a few people convinved that I had my hair coloured when they were trying to figure out "what did you do to your hair? It looks different" It's the same colour - I was there!

And that's pretty much all of November! Part of November was spent choosing what I'd do with my 2012 vacation days, and so Mike and I are planning a wintry trip in February to Quebec City for Carnivale! Bring it, Bonhomme!

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