Friday, January 13, 2012


So I've spent the first two weeks of the New Year following a generalized routine: 4 days of work. First day off - do laundry. 2nd day- letter writing day, and go skating. 3rd day - skating and knitting. 4th day off- yoga class. 5th day off - go to a dance class. Not particularly strenuous, but it's been nice to have things to focus on and look forward to each day I have off. Plus, I'm given the opportunity to feel productive for having completed something (albeit little!)

This week has gone well, especially with the addition of three social calls! I met one very pregnant friend for brunch on day one, am visiting old friends for supper tonight (read on for more about that!) and Mike and I are attending an afternoon/supper all dolled up and british themed! There's also a potluck supper at a friend's home on Monday, but technically that's next week...

I really quite liked skating this week. I went early (around 9:15am) to get on the ice with enough time to loosen up and get used to skating again before the school groups arrive (around 10:15). The rink's relatively quiet with only 5 or 6 of us there, and 4 of them are "regulars" I think. All friendly! It's been nice. Plus, after only 5 attempts at skating this year (and after a very long hiatus) I'm able to do crossovers going forward in both directions, and I can do crossovers going backwards in one direction, but only after a good warm-up. I think I'm well on my way to my goal to a) not sucking b)not being sore c) enjoying myself when we go to Ottawa in February! I really just want to have a good time when we skate the Rideau, rather than focus on all the reasons why I'd be uncomfortable...

Time to prep for supper...I'll finish this post later, friends!

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