Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Day of Reckoning is Upon Me!

I've got 9 hours until I write the Registered Nurses' Exam.

9 hours until I finish 4 years of work.

9 hours until I get to break free!

9 hours until I have to settle down to work for 6 hours worth of multiple choice questions.

9 hours until I can officially say, "I'm a nurse!"

9 hours until I can prove that I'm ready to say that I'm a nurse...

Feels exciting. Feels nerve-wracking. Feels like a really happy feeling.

I used to day to review. I should technically have been reviewing for a while, but I'm feeling confident in my ability to do this exam...I've done the 4 years of work, I participated in class, I passed all of my courses, and I soaked up as much as possible. It's going to work out.

Then, the next day I get to Graduate...for real. I've been going to school for 5 years, and Thursday will be the day when I get to toss my silly square hat in the air and be inducted into the realm of the smart people. And, I get to do that with lots of family around. I think that that's what makes me happiest. My parents and my brother and Michael, and his two parents will be there. That's 6 people who will be there for me, and just for me. A little selfish, but I don't have that opportunity often. I'm not one of these people who has a billion family members who live nearby, and who always come to everything. My grandparents are all but gone (Except for Grandad), and I don't have any relatives living west of Ottawa, so it's really special to know that there will be a few people to stand by me on Thursday.

I'm working on finishing my dress for the big party afterwards. It's a little black dress - cocktail style. It's made of black linen, and will have a wide black ribbon tied around the waist. I also have an off-white beaded flower that I think I might wear as a pin...we'll see. I'm also going to wear my white pearls from Samoa and my white heels (and they're wonderfully unsensible). I've spoken to one classmate who has a floor-length gown...Mine is considerably less dressy, but it's very very classy. I can't wait for it to be finished!

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  1. Good luck on your exam and congrats on graduating!! You must be so excited :)