Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gonna Try It

I'm going to take the RN exam prep test. You get two hours to do it on the internet. I'm hoping I don't discover that I'm totally out to lunch!

Wish me luck! (I'll let you know how it goes.)

Update: Did the test. I took one hour and 6 minutes to complete the 100 questions in the allotted 3 hours (so I was 2 hours faster than I needed to be!). The real RN exam is two sessions of 3 hours, so I suspect it'll be like writing this practice test twice (with about 125 questions per 1/2)

I came out with a 73% average. In all seriousness, it absolutely does not matter what my grade is except that it's over a pass. When you get your results in the mail, they only tell you if you've passed or not - doesn't matter if you get an A+ or a C, so long as you get enough questions right. I'm sure they just stop marking it after you're beyond the passing point.

So it looks like I should study some of the medical tests, arterial blood gasses, and some more of my medications, but I feel very reassured that I'll be just fine. Feels good! Only 6 days left!