Monday, June 15, 2009

leaving on a Jet Plane

And I really don't know when I'll be back again.

I suspect I'll be back in Sept sometime, but Mike and I are planning to go away, and there's always the thought that we'll leave directly from Ontario....In that case I wouldn't be back until October, maybe...

I'm excited to go, but I'm going to miss a lot of things...namely my friends (and my hampster, Jude, who according to Air Canada can't come unless I pay $150 for him to go in Cargo. I like him, but...)

I'm leaving tomorrow. eek!

I'll have access to internet in Millbank, but it'll be dial-up, so I won't be hanging out on the compute all the time, probably just long enough to send emails and write the occasional blog post.

I think I'm all packed. My suitcases are zippered up, but there's still the stuff that I'll need before bed and in the morning that I need to organize. I'm going up to Mike's parents' house for dinner tonight...gotta say g'bye.

On that note....G'BYE!


  1. I'm SUPER excited to see you in Ontario in a couple weeks! I haven't found any green Dublin wool for you yet, but I won't give up. Ask me when I see you about orange and green haha. Good story Our taxi driver told us that I think you'll like!!
    MISS YOU!!!

  2. BYE! See you in 11 weeks