Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[East] Side - of the country - Story!

Jenni came to visit!

Had a great time, though I wish we could have done a few things that didn't just work out.

Wednesday we drove to New Hamburg to go to a knitting shop. Delicious yarn. I bought some and I shouldn't have. Eek. but Jenni bought some for herself and some yarn for a friend of hers who is ill and needs something new to learn. Jenni learns to purl and do a cable stitch. She begins her cable knit scarf. She gets hooked on knitting.

We went to Stratford. Did the usual tour of the chocolate shops and Ken's Fry Bus. Delish. Saw West Side Story. I won't go on about how great it was because I'd bore you, plus I don't think I could put it into words. So great. We stayed after the performance to attend the post show Q&A with four of the actors. I managed to screw up the courage to ask a question. "Given the history that the Sharks and the Jets have, do you think their issues stay respolved, or do you think that their history gets the better of them and they return to being the rivals they once were?" I got both a yes and a no. On the way out, we bumped into one of the actors - Eric. Jennu and I chatted him up. Super nice. Jenni's first brush with fame, haha.

Saturday wasn't too exciting. I don't actually remember what we did. Jenni is nearly done her scarf, though. She's turned into a mad knitter. I'd wanted to go to Hillside festival (hippied music festival) in Guelph but it's sold out. I don't get how an outdoor mysic festival can be sold out. It's outdoors.

Sunday was rainy. We drove to Elora. Saw the gorge. Got rained on as we paroused the shops. In one shop, there was lots of artisan blown glass. As we leave, Jenni says "I don't think I could own anythin like that because I'd be afraid of breaking it"...and then just as we open the door to leave we hear this huge crash from around the corner of the shop. And then silence. And then "omigod." One of the employees had knocked an entire shelf off while dusting. Jenni and I left, worried that we'd jinxed her. I also bought a "Joan the Wad" pendant from a curio shop. Joan is the Queen of the Cornish pixies. There is only one female, anyway, but if you carry her with you, she'll bring you good luck. And she's chums with Jack-o-the-lantern. Jenni finished her scarf. She's addicted to knitting.

Monday I drove Jenni back to the Waterloo in so she could catch the bus back to the airport. Sad to see her go. It was nice to have a friend around! Drove to the town of St. Jacobs to check things out. Ran into a woman at a shop who was from New Zealand, and we kibbitzed about how much we love the Pacific Islands and Samoa. *sigh*

Today's cloudy. Maybe a beach day will come up soon. All rainy days, it seems. I'm sad there wasn't a beach day while Jenni was here...but she's going to the "Great Heat" of Kamloops, anyway!

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