Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Week Later

I'm trying to keep up with the blog. Still a bit tough considering the slow dial-up connection, but I'm on it.

So I'm now finished all of my orientation shifts at Knollcrest. For a while (nearly a week) I was worried that I wouldn't get any work, and that I'd be in the lurch at the end of the summer despite all of my efforts. So far, though, I've been called to see if I could work at least once per day. This morning, for instance, I had already made an agreement with another staff member to take her evening shift, but I was roused at 730 am by the charge nurse to see if I could come in for a day shift because someone didn't show up. I'll put in at least 40 hours this week. I'm hoping I'll get one more shift so I work 5 days, but of course I'll take what I can get. I truly hope that this holds up all summer. Most of the work I'm getting is because it's summer and people are trying to get vacation time in. I'm loving when people go on vacation here.

My plan will stand that I'm going to go and see a show at the Stratford Festival Theatre for each paycheck I get. Last week I saw Cyrano de Bergerac, and I drooled the entire time. I snagged a front row seat (though off to the side) and was totally sucked in. There was an epic battle scene near the end, and I could feel the heat as the explosions and gun shots went off. Steve (friend of mine who'd come to visit) could see me from his seat (he and Tori had the best seats I've ever seen and I'll be eternally jealous because I'll never in my life have seats like that) and said that he laughed when he could see me with my mouth hanging open. I'm OK with that. It was brilliant. They couldn't get me to shut up afterwards because I was so giddy. *sigh*

So anyway, I'm looking at seeing another show this weekend. I'd like to alternate between the three theatres, so I'm looking at seeing one of the shows at the Avon Theatre. The Avon was where I saw Sara Polley for the first time when she starred in Alice through the looking glass. I was 7 and had been watching her for years on tv. I remember that my mom and grandma had bought two tickets, and they split up. Grandma and I saw the first part, and mom and I saw the second half. Then, grandma bought me a ring from the shop across the street that showed all of the characters from the show holding hands. I really liked the ring, but I was young and I didn't take care of it, and it got lost to the ether. But I've always wondered if I could find abother one like it.

There isn't a lot else going on around Millbank. I'm still fumbling my way through work, and often feeling like I'm slowing everything up and making things harder for the other women I'm working with, but I keep reminding myself that I'm just new, and that I've agreed to take lots of shifts, so I'll get better. But it's still rough in those rushed moments when I whished I had the same instincts and experience. blah.


  1. Hot damn, girly: I would've loved to have seen Cyrano. Sure miss you!

  2. Oh man, it was BRILLIANT! AMAZEBALLS! I will recount all of the details upon my return to Kamloops....though you're always welcome here!!