Thursday, August 13, 2009


Task for the day: organize and label the coin collection in prep for the auction.

tons and tons of coins. I found a 25 cent bill - Canadian - from the thirties. But there's also a fair chunk of change that you wonder why so much was kept because a lot of the dates are still in circulation. And there are dozens and dozens of the same coins from Canada's Centennial year. Sure, they're kind of special, but there are at least two mint/never circulated or opened collections of the set, and to have dozens of a coin that I find in my change is kind of silly to be checking for dates and categorizing and hoping to sell at auction.


I found this coin.

Apparently, someone gave it to my grandpa when he was in Europe during the war. I figure that it would be bad karma to sell it just yet. I don't know if you can read it, but it says "Britannia" at the top, and "1797" at the bottom. A keeper. Or, mom says maybe a keeper for another 50 years until I really need money and then sell it for a high price to a collector...

I might just keep it.

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