Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finally, an update

Well hello again!

So what have I been up to? The last time I graced your presence, I told you about my adventure to Kitchener. Since then, I've

  1. Spent time with my cousin, Patty, from New Brunswick. She came out for 6 days.
  2. We went to see Macbeth starring Colm Feore. Was really good. Set in the 60's in Africa. All that colonialism jazz, Macbeth is white, Lady M is black. I liked it. Would go again.
  3. Visited my bestie Michaela in Thornhill (near Toronto). I only got two days (one night) with her, and I was happy to take it. She's currently in the process of driving/moving to Yellowknife, so I wanted to go before she met the great white north. We went to an asian market and got yummy sushi for dinner, and we watched tv, and went to Walmart so I could help her pick out knitting things, and the next day I helped her pack (sort of...I hope I was more help tha hinderance). I also met her "mother-in-law figure," a person I'd heard so much about. I pictured she'd be a lot like Bette Midler - loud and proud....but not so....
  4. Came home from Thornhill and did the Ontario Corn Maze with my cousin in record time. We only had a couple of hours before she needed to leave to get on her plane back to NB, so we hustled. And we made it out in exactly 50 mins. The average time is an hour to an hour 1/2. I won't reveal the shape of the maze to protect those who might soon traverse it.
  5. Worked a little. ugh. Not my favourite of things.
  6. Went to see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at the Avon theatre. meh. It was OK, but the lead role was performed by the understudy and it lacked something. The original actor (Bruce Dow) I guess was ill...but ill in a way that they know he's not coming back, so they have lined up Sean Cullen to replace him for the duration of the run of the show beginning in September. So I caught it in the middle period. And the understudy just didn't have the pull...the theatrical gravity...that I would have wanted from him. So I might just have to go again to see Sean Cullen. Maybe it that both Bruce and Sean are "fat guys" and the understudy is a lot trimmer...just doesn't take up the same theatre space and fill it well enough. I dunno.

L. Bruce Dow as Pseudolus in Stratford. R. Sean Cullen.

See, they're of similar build. Big people make funnier comedians, I think.

I've also been painting closets, scanning through oodles of old old postcards (friends, beware), and mom says I need to tackle the stamp collection soon. Some of you might end up with a lot of 5 cent stamps on your letters. They're not worth much to keep, really.

I also went to the St. Jacobs farmer's market today. I did a killing in cheap, fresh produce. Apples, grapes, peppers, spinach, organic corn/light rye bread, strawberries....and a few more things I can't remember. real tasty. OH! and I bought an eggplant. Tonight I'm going to try grilled eggplant with basil and some cheese. I'll have leftover EP, so lemme know if you have a recipe for 1/2 of one. All good stuff. I'm really glad I went. But I always like going. In comparison, the Kamloops farmer's market is kids' stuff. This one is huge. I only spent time looking at the produce stuff, and I was there for 2 hours! There are several barns and the main barn is two stories! It's about a 1/2 hour's drive away, so we can't go all the time. But, the apple fritters are worth the drive, and we go to that stand first. They basically cut an apple into slices (cored, the slices look like little CD's) and fry it in dough, then cinnamon and sugar. Because they'res always a line, you always get them handed to you still too hot to eat right away. Amazingly good. I have a deep fryer back in Kamloops, and I just might try making them. *drool*


I didn't tell you about attending my very first buck-and-doe party! Here's a photo of me and the bride:
Her name was Bronwinn. I walked in and I was like "Hi, I need to buy a ticket to get in. I've never been to a B&D....could you point out the bride so I can say hello and feel less bad about crashing"....and the girl at the door was like "she's standing right beside you!" ahha.

For those who don't know, a Buck and Doe party is basically like a big drunken dance party for a couple getting married. Well, not always drunken because some people opt to have theirs a family affair (but maybe it's an "age of majority" party after 10 or something), but anyway...So they put on this big party and advertise it in the newspapers, and everyone is pretty much invited. The plan is to throw a party in hopes of raising some money for the wedding itself, or for the honeymoon. Apparently, at a good one you can raise $4k. Not bad. So I went! and I went alone!

As it turns out, a friend of my mum's was there with her hubby and she introduced me to everyone and showed me the ropes. She got the DJ to play me a song (it was a Lady Gaga song) since it was my first time. There weren't a ton of people there because it's wedding season and people have already been to a bunch. From what I hear, the winter ones are door crashing since there isn't much else to do!

One of the things they did to raise $$$ was do a toonie toss. Stand at the line and toss $2 coins at a large bottle of Jack Daniels. Closest to the bottle wins it. The juice was donated.

Made friends. I'm friggin awesome. These girls are sisters.

Another fundraiser: buy tickets and put them in your favourite door prize to win it. This guy, Jake, was really effin drunk. He ended up winning this gem: a dual deep fryer and crock pot, so you can make hot wings at the same time you're cooking your french fries. yum. He could barely hold it up for me to take this picture. But mum's friend sais he was harmless, and she's known him for years. Once she said she came home and found Jake curled up on one of her carpets. He got drunk and couldn't find his way home or something, lol. He was nice. Asked for my

The B&D pig. Story goes that a group of friends stole it while on a stop during a stag party. They were mini golfing. The pig was pilfered. So now, the pig gets passed on every time another person in that group of friends gets married. The deal is that you have to keep the pig until the next wedding. The couple before them had to keep it a month. These poor blokes have to keep it until next October...I suggested seasonal dress!

That's all for now! bye!

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