Sunday, September 20, 2009

The aftermath

I realized I haven't posted in 10 days. Sorry guys, I've been busy.

For reals, though.

Since my last post, Mike's come to Millbank. We went to see Macbeth at Stratford, and worked at getting ready for the auction before my aunt, uncle, and dad came to Millbank. That's when the real work started. On Sunday, we all got into our work clothes and started in on getting all of the stuff (a lot of junk, but lots of diamonds in the rough) out of the house, the shed and the workshop. There was a LOT. To try and create a mental picture, imagine that you have an area the size of a soccer field. Then put 4 haywagons full of stuff on it. Then lean other stuff on the side of the wagons. Then fill all of the remaining grassy spaces except for a few walkways. That's how much stuff there was. Oh, and we filled the garage with all the old radio stuff, and the driveway with more stuff (but mostly the lawn tractor, the Model A Ford, and another car in parts) It was a lot of work.

On Friday night, Mike and I went to see another Stratford show: The Importance of Being Earnest. Quite funny, if I do say so myself. I'm glad I booked those tickets because Mike needed a break from the "work camp" to do something fun and totally unrelated.

Saturday we had to get up early. We still had valuable items to display, and other things that wouldn't have fared well outside overnight. Plus, die-hard auction people (old car guys and old radio guys) were there well before the auction start time of 10am. The group of us had to work during the auction, too. We had to hold up the items for people to see, and run the tally sheets back to the "office" for the cashiers to deal with. And they decided to go with 2 auctioneers simultaneously in order to get through everything. Even with two auctioneers going for 5 hours straight, we finished it all off at 4pm. And the auctioneers never stopped. There were only two of them, and the main one, Bill, never had a break and never had a chance to eat or drink the entire time. He just talked and sold stuff. And he wasn't even horse at the end of it!

Me, I was exhausted. We were all exhausted. We'd been putting in long days of hauling big boxes and shop stools for a week. It was finally finally over. *sigh* except for the clean-up today. There was a fair amount of stuff that didn't sell, but it's all stuff that can go to the scrap yard or the garbage. Thank goodness for good neighbours lending a hand. Mike and I walked over to Anna Mae's to get a take-out chicken dinner for everyone. Real good food. And then, after dinner, we pretty much all crashed. Zonked out.

And I woke up this morning to realize that I'm going to Europe in 2 days! I haven't had time to get really excited about that!!

p.s. My dad ended up buying the 1997 Buick LeSabre for $600. He and my mom are going to drive back to BC. All summer I've been looking for a car but they've all been too expensive. And then dad buys this one from himself (pretty much) for cheap! blarg.

Gotta get back to work. The yard won't clean itself and I really should be helping...(but my feet huuuuurt.....)

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