Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today is banana bread made in the bread maker while listening to Josh Groban CD on my Uncle's sweet stereo system. Also, pulling down all the family photos and taking them out of the frames. They've gotta be put somewhere. But I guess it's not as hard work as mom's task for another day: pulling all of the boxes from the attic. There are a LOT of them. haha.

I'll tell you how it goes.

ps, bb - I'm going nuts! see you soon!

And in Lieu of a recent dream, I was reminded of Twilight. So here are some pictures from a Vanity Fair photo shoot that I love.


  1. You changed the colour, it's darker now. No more purple?

  2. It was pink before. But yea. Felt like a change of scenery!

  3. Haha I heard about that dream. Don't hurt Tori, she thought you had written about it on here instead of just alluding to it.