Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm still waiting. sigh.

But there isn't much more I can do. In writing an email to my potential employer indicating that I'd changed my primary contact phone number, she replied (at the time, which was last week) that they were "making their decisions this week, and will be letting people know next week." It's next week now. Tuesday. If I don't hear anything by Friday night, well, I'll know I didn't get the job. But I'm trying to think positively. THINK POSITIVELY.

In the meantime, I was watching the movie Julie and Julia yesterday. Later, I saw a commercial for Gordon Ramsay's Cookalong Live. A three course meal that you will make along with him on tv, and will be totally done in an hour. So, with a couple of friends (in lieu of a fancy dinner out for Christmas) we're going to make this meal. Pasta for the appetizer, steak and potatoes with peas for the main, and tiramisu for dessert. Wish us luck! I'll let you know how it goes!

The show's on tonight, but there will be a couple of repeats. If you're interested, go to globaltv.com, or follow THE LINK

Happy eating!

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  1. That was crazy! Hectic, but fun, and tasty! Even if things weren't perfect! lol. We should search online for other cookalongs we can do!