Monday, January 4, 2010


aaah, yes.

After some meddling, buying the wrong product, more meddling, and then some fiddling, my new computer (with thanks to a certain fiancee) has Internet! So my gift to you for the New Year is a new blog post...with many more to follow!

Since the last time I wrote, I was let down by the hospital I was pursuing. It was the Friday before Christmas, so it was like an early 'eat shit and die' Christmas present. not really, but for those few hours after I got the email, that's sort of how it felt. The worst part was how I got the email letting me down in the first place. It went like this:

Email #1: Thank you for blah blah blah...unfortunately, we cannot blah blah...

Email #2: Please disregard the previous email.

(Pause. what does this mean? Did they not mean to send this to me? They were letting others down and I ended up on the wrong mailing list? what?)

Email #3: Thank you for blah blah blah...unfortunately, we cannot blah blah blah....but we would like to encourage you to contact --- on the --- unit, as they may have a position available to you.


It was pretty effing lame. Why not just send an additional email to the let down one, rather than giving me an afternoon of doubt and hope and confusion? And since I was dead broke, I couldn't even go anywhere or buy anything (including junk food, which may or may not have been a good thing) to make things feel better.

and the best part? They'd waited three week to tell me this, and there wasn't anything I could do after that because you know that every other hospital nursing recruiter was going to be on holiday starting from the moment I got the third email. Although, one of them did manage to send me a reply email just to let me know that after that day, she was no longer working for that hospital, and that she'd forward my correspondence to the next recruiter in her position. *yawn*. sure.

But enough of the griping and moping. That was weeks ago now!

Christmas turned out to be quite lovely. I managed to get in tons of baking, and cooking and knitting and crafting. As it turns out, if you only have a can of cherry and a can of blueberry pie filling left in your cupboard, blueberry-cherry pie tastes great! I did my very best to do Christmas on a dime, and that turned out o.k. too. Most people understood that I haven't been in any position to go shopping for anything, but I tried my best to turn out handmade items that really meant something. I still have an item or two to churn out, but I don't feel like anyone felt like they were jipped. On the other side, I felt like those around me were particularly generous. Somehow I ended up with a new kitchen! Sort of. Come Christmas Dinner, I'd been outfitted with a bread maker, two crock-pots (one has been returned and since transformed into some new cookie sheets), dish towels, cook books, and an assortment of other items. The bread maker turns out some lovely loaves, and although I've only made glorified BBQ cocktail weenies in my crock pot, I feel some excellent recipes coming on.

I managed to pack in at least two Christmas dinners and a New Year's feast with both mine and M's family in I feel like this Christmas I was well fed for both body and soul. Yum.

My New Year's Resolution? I really want to turn this year into something even better than 2009. 2009 was amazing. living in Vancouver, flying in a Cessna for 2 weeks, living in Ontario (and gorging on theatre), travelling to Europe, getting engaged...If I remember any year, it'll be this past one. I would love if I could make 2010 even more amazing.

But I'll save writing about New Years for Tomorrow.

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