Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Added Incentive...

Oh, and I decided what I was going to give to myself as the 'prize' for finally getting a real nursing job.

I saved and saved and saved up my shopper's drug mart points. For Christmas, mom and dad gave me 9000 of them, which was 8000 more than I needed. Now, I have 75 000 points, and can use them to get $150 worth of stuff from Shoppers and only pay the tax. That's about $18. When I finally get my nursing job, I'll allow myself to cash in on those points.

I'm thinking I might just toss all of my makeup (minus the really new stuff, or fancy brushes I already have) and get a new set. I'm sure most of it should be tossed anyway since most of it is old. But it's a (n almost) free shopping spree which I'll be more than happy to go on to celebrate.

I'll tell you all about my loot when the time comes.

1 comment:

  1. oh good idea! I just went out and bought myself a I guess you would call it. Anyways it holds all my stuff and I realized that I needed to do some major housecleaning on the makeup drawer. I was throwing out eye makeup I bought in (and haven't worn since) the 9th grade. I'm such a hoarder.