Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Friends

I've been sending plenty of snail mail lately, and not to too many people. I've got 4 or 5 people I send mail to, and I realized I might be bombarding some of them. So, I thought to myself "Who can I send mail to?"

Then I remembered someone I went to elementary school with. She was a truly wonderful friend who moved to Port Moody in 1998 (far away at time time, because we both lived in Ontario). Since moving to BC myself, I'd only seen her once - the same year I came. So, through the magic of the internet I found my friend's home phone number, not knowing whether she still even lived there or not.

Today I called the number....

Her mum answered, and she certainly remembered me! We had a short chat to bring each other up to speed, and gave me my friend's email address. I would have liked snail mail, but this might be faster for initial contact since she's living in London England. (not surprising. Her mum's English, and still has ties). Too bad I didn't know this before because she was living in this large (shared) home right in London when the Fiance and I travelled through it in the fall! Ships passing in the night.

So, I've got her email address, and we'll see if she writes back!

(Also, took the resume to the dairy today. The meeting went really well, and she says she'll know by next week. cross the fingers!)

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