Friday, August 27, 2010

The Fridays

I don't yet have anything real important to write about. I just wanted to write. But I'll figure it out while I'm here...

I guess I'll start by asking if anyone has any ideas about travel to Vancouver Island. M is going to visit some friends in Edmonton for the long weekend, but alas I cannot go with him because I have to work. But I DO have a couple of days off, so I thought I'd go on my own mini-vacation. Maybe to Gibsons? Has anyone been there? Anyone have any ideas? hmmm...

So now that the summer of 2010 is almost over I've started doing a lot of reflecting. What have I done with the time? Was is memorable? Did I do the things I wanted to do? Moreso, though, I've been thinking about how I've experienced this summer in relation to what last summer was like. I've already determined that last summer was wonderful and 100% memorable (and you can read about snippets of it in previous blog entries), so I guess it would be unfair to compare last summer to this in some ways...

But I'm blathering. What I was getting at is that on some level I feel like I've wasted this summer because I haven't done something totally awesome, but then I realize that one can't do awesome things all the time, and that there are waves in our lives where sometimes we are full of energy and drive and do crazy things, and sometimes we enjoy simpler, more relaxed things. Of course I wish I could work short days and go to see theatre every week and live where there aren't nearly as many expectations of me, but that's not where my life is right now. Hmmm, I sound like a Debbie Downer....All I mean is that I'm quite content with the way things are. Besides, next summer (with the wedding planning and all) will be plenty of excitement!

Now, let's post some photos!

Went to Kelowna in July with friends. There was a massive accident just east of Hope and we got stuck on the highway for we had to find things to climb on top of signs!

Massive spoon at Pier 1 Imports. Reminds me of the Robert Munsch book "David's Father," where he has a giant for a dad. Otherwise, I'm not sure that the spoon is all that useful.

A friend took me sailing at the Jericho Sailing Club in Vancouver. This is where he let me be the skipper and drive the boat! Once, I got flustered and spun the boat in three or four tiny circles. This picture was taken just before the camera got wet and died. Boo.

The "Moment just after the engagemt" photo, taken in the Alps near Interlaken, Switzerland. I personally love this photo.

'Nuff said

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