Saturday, August 28, 2010


Didn't leave the house today except to go to a neighbour's place to get an egg. I definitely enjoyed an "inside, lazy" day. Did some knitting, spent some time on the internet lookin' stuff up (wedding stuff, for example), replied to some emails, watched some movies (including American Graffiti, which showed the same "Light&Fit" yogurt commericial at lease three times each commercial break which drove us crazy), and then decided to make soup from scratch. I'd never done that before, but it seemed easy enough: brown an onion with a little oil and garlic. Add the soup stock and carrots. Simmer. Add the other veggies (whatever I had in the fridge) and a little leftover chicken and some noodles. Simmer. Done. Oh, and for kicks, I simmered the onion originally in a little ginger and cumin. Good soup! I served it with toast with a little brie on it. om nom nom.

And I have chocolate-chip banana bread in the breadmaker for dessert later. I would consider this a productive lazy day, wouldn't you?

the picture of the soup is not my soup. But I'd like to learn how to make it!

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