Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer In The City

It's August. We're midway through the summer already. Can you believe it!?

My city apartment has been great because I've been close to pretty well everything; Festival of Lights, live music, live theatre (the Lion King, Cirque du Soleil - squee!), and general hustle and bustle. I certainly wish that there was air conditioning, though. Summer nights are hot!

But what's the news lately?

News, hmm?

I'm happy to report that there isn't really any news. I'm quite enjoying going about my non-newsworthy business. Like watching a cheezy, live-action, sequel version of The Flintstones with M on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I have plans for some sewing and perhaps some knitting this afternoon.

Actually, over the last two days I've really enjoyed the cool, rainy weather. I've enjoyed bunkering down on the couch and putting in some relaxation time. Cuddling up in a blanket and wearing a sweater, too. mmm. The summer sun has just been sucking all of my energy. I never thought I'd look forward to Autumn, but I am! Bring it on!

Tonight, I think I'm going to make pizza with corn and BBq sauce (to share with all the boys, of course...) What are you going to make?

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