Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh, the places I go!

When I woke up this morning, my friend texted me and asked what my plans were for today. "Sleeping. Also, fending off an impending cold. Cleaning, and maybe meeting a friend for coffee. Tough day."

I sure didn't expect how it turned out! I didn't sleep in much - I wanted to make sure I looked decent (read: wearing pants) when the gentleman from the developmental disabilities came to pick up our gently used items for donation. Then, I didn't meet my friend for coffee - we went for lunch at the Banana Leaf instead and he introduced me to his new GF. While dining on delicious malaysian cuisine, he got a message requesting he come back to work to move some things around. Generally, I would find this kind of detour not very fun, except this was my pilot friend from way back, and his task was to taxi an airplane around at YVR.

Now, we didn't have to go far, but I did have to wear something of a visitor's badge and I did get to sit in the cockpit of the airplane while we rolled around!

I knew today would be a great day to wear my aviator sunglasses!

I had my friend drop me off at Granville Island where I picked up my hallowe'en pumpkin, and I'm getting ready to head to ballroom dance class tonight!

What a day!

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