Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seattle Trip!

Did I also mention that I went to Seattle way back in January? I hitched a ride with my brother, and toured around by foot for a day. Mostly I stayed at the public market, but I did eat some great food and stopped by two Starbucks'! The first one was the "Original" Starbucks, and though the line was loooooong, I didn't mind at all. In fact, my barista was thoroughly chatty and helped me navigate my rudimentary map while I waited for a steaming hot latte. yum!

We stopped at Tim's before the border crossing. New Tim's latte = not delicious.
Did some knitting for a baby project during the long drive there and back!
Visited the copper pig!
Spent most of my time here! I even brought home a delicious Sockeye Salmon, which of course had been thrown around first!

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  1. Don't try the McDonalds latte either!! I stopped in Abbotsford to grab a coffee for my long trip back, and I was falling asleep!! Unfortunately the latte was absolutely disgusting and I had to try to force myself to drink it for the caffeine!