Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I finally, finally made it to Whistler for a great day of snowboarding! It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day with 20cm's of fresh pow and patches of sunlight! My legs were like unto jello once we finally met up with Mike's work friends for a brewski at the bottom, and I had a great time! Pricey- yes. Worth it "once in a while"? Totally.

One of the more memorable events of the day was skiing the Blackcomb glacier/bowl. It was a heck of a treck up after you take the T-bar, and then it was so coudy once we got into the bowl - with no reference points to speak of - that I nearly got "car-sick"! You could board down the bowl but not know how fast your were going, or even really see shadows in the snow directly underneath you. Add in that it was fluffy, soft powder, and it felt like you were floating in clouds! Crazy run! It ended - of course - in me 'gracefully' cartwheeling head first on the bottom, flat section. I'm thankful I was wearing my hemlet!

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