Saturday, March 3, 2012

So much cooking!

Just one more post today, I promise! Lately, I've been taking pictures of my endeavours in culinary exploration!

Just after Christmas, it was pie-making time! I used Aunt Lenora's "Never Fail" pastry recipe.
The secret was to use as many different kinds of apples as I could find - some tart, some sweet, some that got mushy when baked, and some that stayed firm...

Rolling the pastry is my least favourite part...always messy, and occasionally the make-or break  moment for the suvvess of the pie!
I'd also found an apple corer, which make the chopping go my much quicker! See how many apples  used! over-flowing! But, I do love a giant, mountain-like pie!

Aside from the eating bit, this is easilty my favourite part. The baking, and the smelling. om-nom!
One must donn swim goggles before chopping onions for seafood chowder, friends!
A pirate's booty worth of seafood for the chowder!
And bacon!

though I may have let the pot boil over...oops. Still tasted good!
The secret to Mike's birthday cake - I cut little holes (using that apple corer I bought for the pie) to stick cherries into! Genius! Slather in Amaretto whipped cream an top with another layer of chocolate cake!
The finished Black Forest Cake! The butterflies are a special addition just for Mike (on his own, half-asleep request!)

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