Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going to See the Vampires Today!

In actual fact, I'm going to give blood today, at 1:30. It's an important service that I can do for others, and it means that I can have whatever I want for lunch today...

The first few times I tried to give blood, it just didn't work out - I almost fainted. Once, I nearly fainted while sitting at the cookie table afterwards, and they had to do the whole glucose tab thing. Then they told me that maybe I should just lay off trying to give blood for a year. My iron levels were fine, maybe I just wasn't ready. So I waited. And then two days before Christmas, two years ago, I did it. I gave an entire pint of blood and I didn't faint or nothing! I was so proud, and I gave M my donor card with the record of donation on it for Christmas (he's a long time donor, so I knew he'd be proud, too!)

So I'm still trying to give.

It's also my opportunity to be "high maintenence." Since I'm sitting stationary and usually unable to use my arms, I have to ask others to do things for me. I get the seat half-way reclined. I get a cool cloth on my forehead. I get a rubber glove filled with warm water to hold in the donating arm's hand. It takes me about 10 minutes to fill the bag, but when I'm done, I'm happy,and generally healthy!

So if you're interested in donating, call Canadian Blood Services at 1-888-2-DONATE!

Wish me luck!

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  1. My roomie went and gave blood last week, and I was thinking about doing it myself! It is a good cause.