Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Night

So I'm watching America's Next Top Model, knitting, and I just put a frozen pizza in the oven. The dishes are ready to go in the dishwasher and I put all of my clothes away. I'm ready for an early bedtime, so hopefully I'll get lots of sleep and be uber rested for work tomorrow.

Sounds pretty good.

But today I also bought the makings of my Hallowe'en costume. It's another year where I don't feel like particularly anybody or anything, but rather I'd rather be "Not Sarah." A mask and wig will be used, though I'm going to keep it all under wraps until the 31st because I know M is cruising this blog and I want to keep it a secret from him, too. But it's wicked. And I can totally manipulate it so that I can wear it to work and be kosher for the kiddies.

I also bought a little red clown nose, just for kicks!

Whoopee for Hallowe'en!

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