Sunday, November 14, 2010

Days are Getting Darker

It's November, and the days are getting shorter.

In Vancouver, this also means that the days are getting greyer. yuck. I do miss the sunshine.

I wonder if this is why I'm more receptive to Christmas already? It's a little happy, sparkly thing amongst the grey, dark days. Plus, I've been thinking about Christmas for weeks while submitting vacation requests at work. Did I mention that I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? So I've been thinking about the Christmas tree M and I are going to get (most likely a short, fake one that won't be intrustive in our apartment, but that we can decorate with all of our accumulated ornaments), and today I've been designing (in my head) the advent calendar I'm going to sew for M. I may go to the fabric shop Dressew tomorrow to shop for this particular project. And Christmas baking, too! I'd like to do Gingerbread, of course, and peanut brittle! mmm.

Tonight, though, I'm making quiche (with real crust) for the first time. It smells gorgeous and I can't wait to eat it! Part of me thinks I should wait until M comes home from soccer to eat it, but the other part says I really, really want it. It'll be good. It even has spinach and onion and bacon and white cheddar and two slices of Swiss cheese on it!


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  1. mmmm can we make gingerbread people and houses?????