Monday, November 15, 2010

Meters and Meters

Today, I'm buying meters and meters of fabric!

I took the skytrain this morning to go to Fabricland to purchase a basic pattern, and then 13meters of broadcloth for sewing a demo wedding dress. Lots and lots of fabric! I can't wait to start sewing that one. The pattern isn't very difficult, but the hard part will be tailoring it to fit properly, and to make sure it's sturdy and supportive. I won't be describing the dress in too much detail because I know that M reads this blog and I don't want him knowing too much about it!

But, after coming back home and cleaning Jude's house, I have to trek out in the rain again to go to another fabric store. I'd bought a pattern for a dress/outfit to wear to a friend's wedding in December, and she wanted me to wear some sort of red to match M since he's a member of the wedding party. Anyway, Fabricland didn't have what I wanted, and Dressew will definitely have what I want. I'll be doing all of the buying today, and then maybe start on one of my three (I'm also making M an advent calendar made from fabric pouches that can be hung from the tree - or wherever) sewing projects tomorrow. So much crafting! yay!

I doubt sewing this wedding dress of mine will be an easy task, but I feel like if I start working on it now then I won't be stressed out about it later when it's crunch time. I (currently) ahve loads of time to work on it, and make mistakes, and tweak, and make it really, really good. I can't wait until it's done!

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