Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Edumacated!

Today was a pretty slow day, aside from the classes at UBC I snuck in on!

Mike took me to some sociology class about the theories of love partner selection. It was a pretty nice class (though I had to sit on the stairs in the lecture hall because the class was so full). Selected theories included Role Theory, Complimentary Theory, and Values Theory. I'm pretty sure that Mike and I fall into all of those theories of selection.

After a break in which Mike went to an actual class of his, he took me to some History-like class. But the purpose of this one was just to observe the prof, who like to take really long dramatic pauses. Fair enough, but I've sat in nursing classes three hours long that could have been done in one. zzzzzzzz.....

I liked the next class. Some sort of Anthropology course, but the prof plugged in a movie at the start of class. GREAT! So I sat back in the theatre seats and learned about early human species. Plus, the movie had clips from Planet of the Apes. Nice.

My day was pretty uneventful after that. Mike and I sought out campus sushi, and we found the office for the UBC dance club (I'm looking to take some ballet classes to keep my dance muscles from going soggy while I'm away). Aaaaaand I'm watching Donnie Darko. Really, a messed up movie.

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