Monday, February 9, 2009

OK, So I've got a blog....

OK, so I decided that I would tread in the realm of geekdom and devise a blog. Mind you, plenty of my favourite knitting inspirations come from blogs, so I guess I'm OK.

My purpose in splatting this on the web is to describe, in excruciating detail, the events of my final nursing practicum at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver. I've opted to focus on adolescent mental health, which I'm sure is going to be nuts.

So, I moved to Vancouver on Friday. I don't really have a place to stay, though. I mean, I do, but I'm staying at Michael's (my boyfriend) dorm room at UBC. I like his room-mates and all, but it isn't exactly the most secure of living venues. Technically, he's only allowed to have visitors for 7 out of every 30 days, and I'm scheduled to be around town until April 9th. I plan on laying low.

Thus far, I've settled in pretty well. I'm sleeping on a padded futon mattress (Mike's single bed was ceremoniously placed on top of Mike's roommate's (Greg) bed. It's on there, with the posts sturdied with graphite reinforced dowling (read: pencils), like a bunk bed. The best part is that the bed is too heavy for Greg to take it down by himself, so Mike's bed has been sitting on top of Greg's for the last three days. Greg's girlfriend (Meghan) isn't too pleased.

Saturday night had me at the UBC E(ngineer's)-Week Ball at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. I wore the orange/gold cocktail dress I'd made for the Nurse's Ball in January with a gold leaf necklace. Mike told me once we got there that he wasn't sure if he knew of any other electrical engineers (like himself) that were going to be there. We knew one other engineering student (Joel), but other that that, we were pretty much alone. To out more salt in the wound, the tables were organized according to engineering specialization, and because of low turnout there was no electrical table! So, we scavenged for two seats...anywhere. And, as luck would have it, however, we picked seats next to another elec orphan (and a woman, too!). Dinner was great (I had butternut squash soup to start, then salmon with some sort of potato pie, and chocolate mousse with raspberries for dessert), and I even got Mike to dance with me! (huzzah!) Though, we nearly bailed on it when there was some sort of electrical glitch and the lights and sound went! (Mike thought that that was rather funny, seeing as we were in a room full of geeks)

Sunday night had us all at the UBC Golf Course Restaurant for the last night of Dine Out! Vancouver. By all of us, I mean me, Mike, the roommates (Greg, Cam and Dan) and Meghan and Sarvi (sp?, Dan's GF). That dinner was excellent, too. Lobster bisque with a shrimp skewer to start (and I was not amused when I dropped one of the shrimp...bah) followed by the meat trio (which was well presented on the plate so you ate it in: beef, potato, pork, potato, lamb, potato order.) And then I had cream puffs for dessert (except the cream was pumpkin flavoured.) Delish!

Today was less exciting. Got up late, then walked Mike to class and then spent an hour and a half just walking around campus and looking around. I'd say that the educational potrions of the campus is the same size as TRU. I mean, there's a lot of space devoted to living and parking and golf course. If you took that away, I bet you could fit a lot of it into the TRU space (though, yes, a little more corwded.)

And now I'm looking ahead. I'm supposed to start my first day at Children's on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get to ride the bus for practice tomorrow to find out where the hospital is and how to get around. I've got two mentors who sound really great (one of which was a grad of TRU from last year) so I'm sure that things are going to be fine, but that don't stop me from having the jitters!

Knitwise: working on grey checkered scarf. It's a couple of feet long right now.

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  1. Dude, it's sure great to see you on a blog! I'm also very excited that you're here in Vancouver. I have missed you dearly. <3