Saturday, February 21, 2009


Did another "week" at clinical. Not too bad. I got to see "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" and the Harlem Globetrotters, in Box Seats at GM place. Pretty fun, actually!

My parents were in town the next day, and since my mother had little to do, I took it upon myself to do some entertaining. Yesss. We started off at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, which had a really funky retro atmosphere. The food was good (though pretty regular breakfast fare), but it was the stuff on the walls and on the window sills and all over the place that made the place so much fun! There were odd sculptures, vintage lunch boxes, a giant fish, bowling trophies, comemorative plates (one of which mom recognized as identical to something we already own), and just generally funky junk.

We hopped on the 44 after that and bussed downtown for some (window shopping) therapy. I took mom to that vintage shop from a few days ago, and we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery. We basically did lots of walking, and oogling (mostly at shoes we could never afford). I did buy a bag from the Betsy Johnson shop, though. Actually, it was on sale, and I'm pretty sure that it was originally designed as a small make-up bag, but it's totally useful as a clutch type purse. Lose it. It's checkered (B/W) with vinyl over top, with a pop-art design on top (big lips calling "TAXI!"). Lovesit.

After all that walking, I met up with the dad and the bunch of us (my brother in tow...) to another fun restaurant for dinner before they drove back to Kamloops. It was the Memphis Blues Barbeque house. Best pulled pork sandwiches ever. I brought some home to Mike and it disappeared pretty quick. But I'm pretty sure I don't need to eat for a while now. *shudder* (I can still hear my arteries clogging).

Knitwise: the grey/blue/white socks are coming along well. The grey scarf is about 3 feet long. I haven't touched the pink socks in a while. Takes too much concentration.

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