Friday, March 19, 2010

Losing It

Have you got a theory about why we lose things? Why do we lose things that have meaning? Why do I have one specific chap stick that get's lost but always always always somehow returns? Why is is that in one week I lose a pair of sunglasses and a necklace (the sunglasses were my uncle's, and the necklace was the necklace; the one with the diamond heart pendant, heart locket and silver heart (from my deceased grandfather) on it), and both of them come back to me? Or that topaz earring I got one christmas, that went missing, and mysteriously showed up on valentine's day (a gift from M).

So anyways, what's the cosmicenergy behind the things we lose? I was browsing some shop a while back and overheard two women talking about something one of them had lost. The one woman, she said:

"We lose things when we don't need them anymore - and they'll find their way back to you when you do need them"

An interesting concept, but it really affected the way I think about the things that go missing in my life. The necklace and the sunglasses both have meaning related to people who aren't around anymore, but I'd been wearing them like 'any old thing', and losing both of them in the same week is significant. But it reminded me about how important they are, which is why I found them again. That cuticle cream that I love so much...I really can't live without it - which is why in at least a year of dragging it around with me and putting it in untold forgotten pockets that it never truly gets lost for long.

But then what of the things that really meant something but got lost anyway? Is there meaning in that too? The teddy bear I had when I was little disappeared on the move from Ontario to BC. He meant everything to me, and was definitely a 'security bear,' so it was significant that I would lose him when I moving to far off lands - with no friends to speak of. But I guess it was time that I grew up a he 'left' (just don't make me watch toy story 2 again...)

So next time something gets lost, think about why it might have troddled off...

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