Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waiting for Laundry...Again

Mike's sleeping. I'm doing laundry. Again. Since I've been working at that restaurant I've had to do a lot more loads of laundry than I'd like. This is because They only gave me one shirt to wear. I got two aprons but one was already losing a seam when I got it, so I only really use one. That Biznatch of a trainer I had told me to "fix it myself" when I told her it was ripped already (this was before I'd even worn it). blah. I haven't fixed it yet. And I'm not sure I will. maybe.

But, Job #1 is all done. My last shift was yesterday. It was a bit of a surprise because I still had another week left in my "two weeks' notice"...but they didn't bother I guess. I only have two shifts left in nmy restaurant job, too! This stuff is ending a little sooner that I was expecting (which means I'll be back to being very VERY poor instead of being JUST poor pretty soon), but it gives me plenty of time to do all of the packing, organizing and seeing friends before I leave. I'll take that!

Plus I won't have to do laundry 4 times a week...uugh...

Last night, made excellent pizza. I made the dough in the breadmaker and it was delish! One hawaiian style and one with pretty well everything on it. mmm. I'll definitely make that recipe again.

Today? Well, I'm going to get a haircut in about an hour, then looking at matresses and things for moving out. Then work in the evening. Sounds pretty good to me.

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